Ex-PC members to get free hand out of millions of rupees

If I was an ex-PC member, I would be very very happy. Apparently, the cabinet approved a proposal to let me have a duty-free vehicle despite not holding an official … Continue reading

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Victory Day

The state’s security forces exist to defend the country not to constantly be involved in pompous pageantry that serve no purpose. More than any government, this government has turned our … Continue reading

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Hambantota International Airport: Model

I found this video of the CAD model of the Hambantota Airport the other day. If the airport being built would look even close to the one modelled in the video, it should be pretty awesome.

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Four arrested with ‘LTTE video’ in Trincomalee. What happens now?

We need to avoid any future frictions in our country in order to develop the country. And sustainable development could only be achieved in a country where the society is harmonious.

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Sri Lankan society needs to be more open to avoid any future conflicts

Historically, Sri Lankans have strong opinions on many issues, some are well thought through while others aren’t.Unfortunately our governments and our society have suppressed their views with force and have rejected the people holding the views, rather than challenging the ideas rationally. We need to open up our society. We need to respect each other’s views and challenge each other rationally, if we don’t agree with them. We cannot have a uniform society but we’re in desperate need a society that doesn’t pretend to be uniform by suppressing dissent.

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Apple iYo Sri Lanka

Imagine an Apple product specifically made for the Sri Lankan market. That’s exactly what this video tries to help you with. it’s also one of the most creative and funniest … Continue reading

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What’s actually in the ‘resolution against Sri Lanka’?

Obviously, most people (almost everyone, I think) protesting against the “UN resolution” have no idea about the contents of the resolution. So I decided to educate myself on what’s likely to be in this much hyped resolution.

So basically, the US is saying, up until now they(the member states) had two options when dealing with Sri Lanka.

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