Need to be more vigilant on “hidden” agendas- Lessons from Wikileaks

Wikileaks today released a list of “key infrastructures” and “critical resources”. According to the website, US embassies have been asked to gather intelligence information on these facilities. This is really serious and makes me wonder what other activities embassies and diplomats are doing in their respective countries apart from diplomacy. America’s foreign interests have been an open secret before, but not so specific. But, it is not just the US that eyes at foreign facilities to advance its defence and economic agendas.

No country “helps” another country, unless it could benefit from “helping”. Due to the war and our bitter experiences with the Norwegians, we Sri Lankans are highly skeptical about the west’s “hidden” agendas. But, in our fight against “foreign” influence, we have been allowing China in. In Sri Lanka “nationalism” today is not really nationalism, rather it is being anti-West. We re told that getting  cheap Chinese laborours and building megastructures with Chinese money is progression against foreign influence. But what is “foreign”?

I am not in any way suggesting we have to develop without the help of other countries. In the 21st century, no country can stand on its own. An example of a country standing by itself is the DPRK (North Korea). But, what really annoys me is our politicians talking nationalism and supporting Chinese influence. This is ridiculous. Yes, we need China as our ally. But, our dependence on this one country is growing exponentially. Everyday we get closer and closer to  a point where without China, we wouldn’t exist. Seeing Sri Lanka become a “wonder of Asia” is obviously not why the Chinese are helping us. They are simply investing for influence. If, Wikileaks ever released a list of facilities vital for Chinese security and economy, we Sri Lankans shouldn’t be shocked if Sri Lanka’s strategic location itself was a “vital” facility.


One comment on “Need to be more vigilant on “hidden” agendas- Lessons from Wikileaks

  1. sittingnut
    December 7, 2010

    everyone works for selfish motives for their own interests.
    we too do that.

    problem with some western counties are
    1 they want to get their interests fulfilled by us by coercion( rather than ‘investing’) by hypocritically pressuring us on ‘alleged war crimes ‘ etc when in fact they are the biggest war criminals

    2 their interest of pandering to racist in tamil diaspora voters clash with ours .

    in contrast when our interests and others coincide we we should accept ‘help’ frm those. they will then help/invest here for their own good as well as ours. that is mainly chinese, indians ,and other asians now . (also we should play them against each other.if that help us gain more )

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