Kim Jong Il, the Sun

Kim Jong Il looking at eggs

DPRK is weird. Really weird. I have done a lot of research over the last few months on this weird country and I think its like the communist world in the 1950’s. It is a country that runs around just one man. Kim is the Sun and all other North Koreans are the planets. And just like the planets North Koreans do not have free movement. Kim’s magnetic field is too strong to let the planets move by itself. But, unlike the sun, Kim gives no light or energy to the planets. He rather absorbs all the energy from the planets (the North Koreans) and apparently is the single largest consumer of Henesse cognac. For Kim all those around him are dumb nuts, babies with no proper mind to make decisions.

While googling North Korea I came across The Korea Friendship Association (KFA) . KCNA’s members are those who chose to be dumb nuts, they support the “dear leader” and want the Korean peninsula reunified under Kim’s rule, in other words they want Kim to screw up the lives of 50 million more people.  The association claims to have over 3000 members and takes members on a “reunification” tour. This tour seems to be much more interesting than the normal government tour. Watch (part 1 of the documentary “Friends of Kim”) and following sequels if you have the time. It is about some guys, members of KCNA going on the tour and is really interesting.


Kim Jong Il looking at girls

Also Kim Jong Il likes to look at things and if you like to see the things he likes to look at you can visit .  I got these two pictures from this blog and it is regularly updated.

KCNA (Korea Central News Agency) is the country’s only news organization with a website, although they use a Japanese domain. Reading news from everyday in the mornings can be entertaining and also can helps you to experience a tiny bit of the life millions of Koreans live daily north of the demilitarized zone.


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