Tamil Eelam Transnational Government

I just found a website claiming to be that of the “Tamil Eelam Transnational Government”. This “government” seems to be more sophisticated than I had previously thought it to be. It has a “Prime-minister”, three “Deputy Prime Ministers”, some “ministers” and even “deputy ministers”. But, I still have no idea what they do and all this seems like a joke to me. For example, they have a minister of “Economic Affairs, Environment and Development”, but what can she do for the economy? An average person in “Tamil Ealam” will have no idea who these people are. It would help if the website elaborates on what kind of economic policies(if any) the “government” has and what it has done so far(if any) for the “development of “Tamil Eelam”. Moreover, these people are “elected” by Tamils living outside “Tamil Eealam”, so the credibility of the “government” is further undermined.

In my opinion, this is just a desperate move by a section of the tamil diaspora, that has not yet come to terms with the defeat of the LTTE. It also has also given fundraisers a reason to continue asking donations from the people. To me, this is nothing more than an illusion.


One comment on “Tamil Eelam Transnational Government

  1. M.L.B
    April 7, 2011

    This is news.
    it’s kind of pathetic and screams we’ re desperate like Osama when the oil fields depletes and his beautiful country becomes obsolete.

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