Facebook, Google+, Twitter & Diaspora

The only time I liked Facebook was when it came out first, in 2006 or 2007. Newsweek had an article about it then and praised Facebook for enabling us keep our lives private on the web. In Sri Lanka, Hi5 was the coolest website then. Almost all my classmates had a hi5 profile and they all seemed to meet new girls everyday and had female friends, a rare thing if you are were a quiet student at S. Thomas’. The temptation to join Hi5 was high, but I resisted.


Now, in spite of all the positive reviews about Facebook, I didn’t join it till 2009. It was after I left school that I wanted to keep in touch with my friends. But I think, Facebook is evil. Zuckerberg has all my details and he can sell it to advertisers for a lot of money. FB is also  cheeky sometimes when they change their policies and furthermore can get quite messy when the wrong ‘friends’ get to know the wrong things. So I have deactivated my account till I feel like joining it again.


While being absent on FB, I started using Twitter and it’s amazing. I have been following some sick people and I have been getting so much in sight into so many things. Like, Amy Winehouse’s death was on Twitter many minutes before it was on the mainstream media.


This was supposed to be a opensource rival for Facebook and was to be released after last summer. It was done by a group of university students who wanted to do it as their summer project. They even sold merchandise and asked for donation. Well, it has been more than a year since the project began and I haven’t heard much about it. Zuckerberg reportedly donated money to the project, although it was thought to be a rival for FB.  Result is after releasing some source code the project is likely in sleep mode.


I love Google. Google is cool, Google is simple and Google means ‘freedom’. I’ve used Google search since I started using the internet. I can’t imagine the internet without it. I use chrome, I use google calendar, I use Youtube, I use google maps and my life is so dependant on Google. This is my problem. Google has too much access to my private life.

I exchanged some emails with a friend on gmail two weeks ago and the google ads I see seem to correspond to the private email exchange I had with her. I think this is really creepy.

But I still joined google plus two weeks ago and my profile is sort of linked to my youtube, picasa, blogspot and other service accounts. Larry Page can seriously screw my life.

But Google plus is still cool, I can ‘hangout’ with my friends (i.e: video conferencing) on the browser and put them into circles which is quite fun. But still… I don’t know.



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