Food: Hot or Not

It’s no secret that Sri Lankans eat a lot of hot food, I also find Jamaican or west African food very hot. But Europeans or Americans don’t seem to eat hot food at all. I’ve struggled to get used to the food here in England. It’s not like my mum makes very hot food, comparing to other Sri Lankans. But still it’s really boring to eat cereals or crumpets in the morning, Ceasar salad or fish and chips or pasta or whatever for lunch and dinner.

Like the other day, I went to the supermarket and bought ‘hot Lamp curry’, but it tasted more like boiled lamb in tomato puree. An aunt here in London gives me Sri Lankan food like once a month and I’m starting to sweat a lot when eating it. I think, I’m getting more and more sensitive to hot food now, which kind of sucks because I am Sri Lankan.

Solution: I should probably start cooking myself (But I have no motivation to cook & it doesn’t taste too well) or start dating a Sri Lankan woman (But again I don’t know a single proper Sri Lankan girl here), So my life is at dead end, for now.




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