The Guardian

The new Guardian
I love The Guardian. It’s my favourite newspaper in the world. I’ve been to their office for some workshops and they really encouraged young people to write and read, even the newspaper is only 50p if you buy it on campus.

Alan Rusbridger, The Guardian’s chief editor has been interviewed by Al Jazeera’s Listening Post. it’s certainly worth a watch. He speaks about the paper’s relationship with Wikileaks and it’s exposure of the News Of The World story. I think after The Dailymail, The Guardian website is the most popular British newspaper website. I regularly read the website and it’s getting more and more popular, even their Facebook app is quite popular.

The biggest problem facing the print media is making a profit. Less people are buying newspapers and more and more people are reading news online. But (at least for The Guardian) a major source of it’s funding is from selling newspapers and they are now making a loss. They are looking for a new model of business but no one has still come up with a good alternative. Paywall just doesn’t work, the internet should be open.

I hope someone comes up with a good model so that we continue to have quality journalism.


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