What’s actually in the ‘resolution against Sri Lanka’?

Obviously, most people (almost everyone, I think) protesting against the “UN resolution” have no idea about the contents of the resolution. So I decided to educate myself on what’s likely to be in this much hyped resolution.

So basically, the US is saying, up until now they(the member states) had two options when dealing with Sri Lanka.

1) “Do nothing”

2) Have an ‘International Commission of Inquiry’ and ‘ensure …..accountability’

But now, apparently they’re taking a ‘third way’ and that is summed up in the resolution.

1) Acknowledge that the LLRC is good in a number of regards

2) Say that the LLRC was inadequate and reconciliation isn’t possible without accountability.

3) State that LLRC has no adequate action plans. (So they seem to ask the government to come up with an action plan to implement it)

So, this is what a summary of the resolution would be like, I think. It would be nice to see those protesting politicians dismiss each point with a rational argument (I don’t expect this to happen).

What’s the point of this resolution?

I think they’re just trying to satisfy lobbyists and hyper-active human rights groups by ‘acknowledging’ casualties. It’s definitely helping the government divert attention from the actual economic problems our people are facing.

I came up with the summary from this link.

UPDATE: Sujeewa Senasinghe makes a sensible statement on about the protests.


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