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The biggest problem facing the print media is making a profit. Less people are buying newspapers and more and more people are reading news online. But (at least for The Guardian) a major source of it’s funding is from selling newspapers and they are now making a loss. They are looking for a new model of business but no one has still come up with a good alternative. Paywall just doesn’t work, the internet should be open.

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Can Milinda Moragoda really do what he’s saying?

If someone really wants to be clean in office, they will have a clean and transparent campaign. Can Moragoda release a full financial report with a complete list of donations and expenses audited by a reputed audit form? If he can’t do that ‘clean’ & ‘transparency’ will always be a dream.

September 15, 2011 · 7 Comments

Lessons From Heath Streak

Zimbabwe is playing much better cricket than they did 8 years ago. They beat Bangladesh comprehensively in the last test match, the first in many years. They’ve now beaten them in an ODI series too. And last year they beat Sri lanka and India in the ODI games. So, people like Heath Streak who stayed calm and worked for the country they loved, did make a positive difference.

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Dayasiri Jayasekara: An alternative for Ranil

Ranil has no ground to stand. But, Karu and Sajith don’t appeal much either (like anyone can be better that Ranil). Karu for his part crossed over to the government for ministerial perks and is now back in the UNP. What kind of policies will UNP have if he is the leader? I could only imagine the same as that of the government. Karu, because he defected to Mahinda’s cabinet and defected back to the UNP, is too unreliable to be a leader.

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Facebook, Google+, Twitter & Diaspora

The only time I liked Facebook was when it came out first, in 2006 or 2007. Newsweek had an article about it then and praised Facebook for enabling us keep our lives private on the web. In Sri Lanka, Hi5 was the coolest website then. Almost all my classmates had a hi5 profile and they all seemed to meet new girls everyday and had female friends, a rare thing if you are were a quiet student at S. Thomas’. The temptation to join Hi5 was high, but I resisted.

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Sri Lankan Identity: My Take

There seems to be a lot of discussion in the Sri Lankan blogosphere about our identity. We all identify ourselves with at least one particular group of people. For me, being human is my first identity and I can feel for many people who have common human problems because I face similar problems. Then, I am a MAN and that’s a crucial part of my identity. I can list my identity in terms of the place I was born in, my skin colour, continent, faith, political view and literally hundreds of other things.

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My Research Project

I have started a research placement in London. The project title is ‘Bioimpedance spectroscopy analysis’. When I first heard about it I had to google the title to understand it. Apparently it is something to do with passing electricity through the human body and measuring the impedance in the particular region of the body.

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